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MTN Consultants firmly believes in meeting the training needs of both Individuals and Organizations. Mr Nazarisham's own success story was showcased by WDA in the security industry conference in 2012. He had risen through the ranks by believing in upgrading his skills to improve both their career prospects and quality of life.

Kaplan provides training to impart essential skills required to embark into careers or to return to the Workforce. This can assist employees start themselves on a journey to becoming more relevant in the workplace, enabling them to contribute to their employers in a more confident, meaningful and productive way.

Benefits of Training

Upon passing each WSQ course, you will get a SOA** to certify your industry knowledge and proficiency. You can apply for jobs in various sectors using these SOAs, which are recognized by the Singapore Public Service Division, and over 4,700 companies and training institutions in Singapore. Upon achieving certain SOA Levels, you can also use the SOAs to gain entry into any WSQ Course.

Available Courses

Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management

  • Lead Team
  • Manage Change
  • Cultivate Workplace Relationships
  • Enable People
  • Manage Achievement Results
  • Manage Self
  • Manage a Diverse Service Environment
  • Establish Relationship with Customer Confidence

Certificate Service Excellence Modules

  • Demonstrate the Service Vision
  • Work in Diverse Service Environment
  • Implement Operations for Service Excellence
  • Engage Service Innovation Initiatives
ACCA - Accounting

Skills Future Qualification Award

Skills future Qualification Award - The Qualification Award is a cash incentive which serves to motivate and reward individuals for undergoing sustained training. Individuals who meets the qualifying criteria of Full WSQ Course (6 core + 2 elective) can enjoy a cash reward of $1000 (T&C apply).


Lim Meng Huat


Richard began his career in training in 1989 and his specialty and key focus is in the field of Human Resource Management, Leadership and People Management, Retail Operations and Employability Skills. Richard’s training style is very interactive and he is committed to motivating his trainees to go beyond just gaining knowledge but getting them to transfer the knowledge into workable and realistic application. He is able to zero in and focus on each participant in the direction of his or her individual strengths.

Being multilingual, he is able to freely conduct his training sessions in English or Mandarin. He is also conversant in dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Teochew. It helps those Mandarin speaking audience rasping and understanding the session better.

Richard never fails to hold the attention of his participants no matter their background or level - from front liners up to management level, and makes him popular and greatly appreciated by his audience.

Kit Teng


Being a trained and qualified nurse, Kit worked in Multi National Corporations handling fast Moving Consumers Goods and Pharmaceuticals for the past 16 years in Senior Management positions. This is through overseeing the sales team, direct marketing team, human resource, product management, logistic and administrative staff in implementing and executing strategies to achieve the company’s overall goals.

In Community Service, She was involved in the training and rehabilitation of both men and women inmates in Changi Prison before their discharge. The training aims to motivate and help them to be more effective in their personal life and to enhance their communication skills thus better equipping them to return to the workforce. Trained participants in several Mosques under the Mendaki scheme.

In essence, Kit is a result orientated person with good interpersonal skills, believes and practices integrity, has an eye for details and also a good sense of humour.